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Together with the four SOLO modules, the is module forms the Leadsology® STREAMS Program

AUDIENCE SYSTEM – LINKEDIN unlocks the gold that is in LinkedIn.

There are two big challenges with generating high quality leads from LinkedIn. The first is attracting serious attention from the right prospects and the second is doing so in volume.

LCS overcomes both of those challenges by showing you how to engage four professional LinkedIn contractors for very low cost and for very high return.

This method overcomes the very significant bottleneck that most LinkedIn marketers face whether they are using automated platforms or manually generating new connections from their own account.

LCS combined with the four modules from SOLO is unquestionably them highest combination of efficiency and effectiveness available in lead generation for professionals today.

With LCS you can target executives and investors who are harder to reach through the OPN system. Use LCS for higher ticket price services and software to generate a weekly flow of high-quality, inbound, new client inquiries.

The seven lessons in this module implement the entire system relatively simply, easily and swiftly.

Full details of the Leadsology® STREAMS Program can be found at